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AI Tools Training Subscription

₹ 149

Learn up to 10 AI tools per month

Choose from various categories like Programming, Digital Marketing, 2D and 3D art

Short 10min trainings daily in Text, Image and Video format directly on WhatsApp 

Click here for our FREE 7 day ChatGPT training challenge

Prompt Engineering Workshop + 3 Months of AI Tools FREE

₹ 899

Add AI Prompt Engineering certificate to your resume 

Topics covered include:

  • Prompt Engineering basics

  • Techniques and best practices

  • Real life examples with ChatGPT

  • Limitations and Possibilities with ChatGPT and other AI tools

Bonus included - Get 3 months of AI tools training on WhatsApp. Learn upto 30 AI tools.

100% Refund, Cancellation and Rescheduling available until workshop starts.

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