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Take the FREE Data & AI Skills Challenge

Created by

IIT Madras Alumni - Industry Experts


Get Basics of Data and AI skills as tips on WhatsApp

Spend 10 minutes daily, Answer short questions and solve optional task

Day 1
Check your Data Talent. Data Awareness, how Data skills are useful in startups, civil services, and many jobs.
Day 2
Data industry Income potential. Side job with Data Analysis. How data is used in real life. Your learning path
Day 3
Career paths and opportunities in Data and AI Industry. How to update yourself. Crion Versity Data Analyst Experience program

Complete the challenge and jumpstart your data journey

By the end of the challenge, you will know how to update yourself with Data skills and identify career opportunities in Data Industry

Get a Certificate of Completion

On the 3rd day upon completion of the challenge

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Let's Get Started

We'll only share the Data domain tips and will not call you.

Please make sure you have the latest Whatsapp before filling the form

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