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  • What is Versity Style of Learning?
    You travel along with Industry experts in solving a popular industrial problem. This is done in a roleplay style where experts play a role in a simulated company. You get to travel along with the experts and observe them. You understand the fundamentals of the role and assist the expert of the relevant domain in solving the chosen industrial problem.
  • What is the eligibility criteria for this program?
    Data Analytics being a multi-disciplinary field, not only CSE/IT Undergraduates but also any one from any discipline pursuing UG or completed UG can undergo this program
  • Can I get access to the presentations and working sheets shown?
    Yes, You can find them right under the video player in all the sessions and meetings.
  • How to turn ON/OFF the subtitles?
    You can Enable/Disable the subtitles by clicking the "cc" icon in the player
  • Is there option to reduce/increase the resolution of videos that I watch?
    Yes, you can adjust the resolution of the video by clicking on Settings icon in the player
  • I am unable to see "Complete Step" button in Check your Understanding.
    Complete all the prior steps under that meeting/session for the button to show. Unless you don't complete the prior steps it won't show
  • What is the criteria for getting certificate?
    We provide two types of certificate: a) Certificate of Merit: for those participants who have completed watching all the meetings/sessions, submitted the quizzes/tasks and submitted the survey as well b) Certificate of Participation: for those participants who haven't or partially completed watching all the meetings/sessions, submitted the quizzes/tasks but submitted the final survey
  • I have satisfied the criteria to get certificate, when can I expect my Certificate?
    Once you submitted the final survey, you should be getting a soft copy of certificate to your registered mail ID.
  • How do I know about such programs in the future by your company?
    Stay tuned to our website, and Social media handles Linkedin/Facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram.
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